Makeup, Hair, & Airbrush Tanning

Meet the Artist

Hello beauties! My name is Mallory Nicole. I fell in love with makeup at a very young age. I loved the creative aspect, but most importantly I saw what a difference a little makeup made for my self confidence. I actually started applying makeup to other people for the first time in high school when I started doing the older girls makeup for dances.

After high school I was given an amazing opportunity to work as an assistant for a celebrity makeup artist that had recently moved back into town. She taught me so much and I worked with her for a few years before deciding to go out on my own. In addition to that I have worked for several makeup companies for over 7 years and have done makeup for many celebrities and weddings.

Makeup, hair, & airbrush tanning has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I think it is such a privilege to be able to affect the way women feel about themselves. My greatest joy in life is knowing that I have impacted someones life in a positive way.


Airbrush Tanning has become a new passion of mine in the last few years. I am naturally very fair and I always wanted a little color but did not want the risks that tanning beds have. When I discovered airbrush tanning, it changed my life. 


I thank you in advance for allowing Paradise the opportunity to be a part of your lives. God bless!

Love, Mallory

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